Hybrid velomobile - a formula for success?

What happens when one combines a fast and sporty velomobile like a Waw with the advanced electrical assist/generator like a BionX? Do they reinforce eachothers advantages or their disadvantages? Find out my and others experiences here. If you do not know what a velomobile or an electric assist is, check out the links first. (An electrical assist that helps up to only 25km/h and with power limited to 250W, remains a bicycle by EU law)

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Second opinion: Per-Eric wrote a short impression of testriding a (hybrid) velomobile for the first time

Per-Eric catches some attention on his test ride

Just that you know, I've never really ridden a velomobile before.
However, I ride other 'bents, so I'm propably am a bit easier to teach velomobiling than the average bike och car user.

First impressive thing was the sturdiness of WAW. I've been warned that entering some velomobiles can be a bit acrobatic, because of the limited amount of places that you can step on. Not here. Then, riding was quite a blast. It's steering is stable (and I've only very limited USS
experience) and has an OK turning circle (about as large as my tandem). I took the cornering a bit on the safe side, but after some hours you can probably do sharper and faster. Well, just push a little on the pedals and away we go ... Rolling thunder is noticeable, but not that loud. The little display on the left shows "40" now. hmm. can it be my speed?
Nice. Later, with the BionX on, it is even a little faster starting, but probably needs hills for really feeling the difference.

I think this is a very good vehicle concept, and could certainly recommend it to friends, especially that they can take hills and luggage with ease and still combine cycling + weatherproof. Only adoption would be a longer chain tube, to protect forgotten trouser legs ... (and probably brake/turning light, I preferred it to hand signals). If it just could be made in larger series to lessen cost, it would be the vehicle of the future.

/Per Eric


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