Hybrid velomobile - a formula for success?

What happens when one combines a fast and sporty velomobile like a Waw with the advanced electrical assist/generator like a BionX? Do they reinforce eachothers advantages or their disadvantages? Find out my and others experiences here. If you do not know what a velomobile or an electric assist is, check out the links first. (An electrical assist that helps up to only 25km/h and with power limited to 250W, remains a bicycle by EU law)

Monday, October 24, 2005


I got a comment by "Allewedertje" which is not an uncommon reaction - so I post my answers to clear things up:

>Hmmm, I would not call an additional weight of 8kg "light" !
>Especially since the system does not work with speeds above
>25 km/h, you drag along a lot of weight. Since I live in a
>very flat area, it is certainly not on my wish list !

Allewedertje, 8kg IS light for such a system. Either way, if you live in a flat area, a BionX or any assist are NOT supposed to be on your wish list!!!!

Even worse, you are a youthfull capable cyclist so you cannot have one if you ask me !!!

I hear all the time that people say that 25km/h is too low, but then one misses the whole point - which is NOT about making the velomobile a little CAR!! NEVER!!!! (for me, the purist - I'll buy a real car when I want a car, thank you. A frugal and clean one of course).

It is supposed to help when you need help, uphill, and then 25km/h is just fine because the engine is not so strong that you would go faster than that on a real hill. Other than that, the velomobile is more than fast en nimble enough when I can ride above 25km/h and the difference with extra 8kg is minimal. I had an Allweder for 10 years... just weigh your Alleweder Allwedertje, it probably weighs more than 40kg!! ... I bet that I am faster than you - even in flat country and that despite the engine, not because... (OK - this is not a fair comparison and besides the point, but it had to be said ;-)

Safe riding to all...


At 20/12/05 23:49, Anonymous Rocky said...

For my part I won't say that it can't be used in a flat area. For many person to keep a average of 25Km/h is not easy. Than the BionX will help to to start faster and keep a faster speed.

At 26/12/05 12:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Frederik

One question. Can you change the max. permitted speed yourself or is it set from the factory? I know its 25 kph here but it would be need to be able to switch to 25 mph (and switch back when the coppers pull me over)


At 26/12/05 12:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ehm, neat even.

At 12/1/06 08:53, Blogger allewedertje said...

I would not call myself a youthfull cyclist at the age of 42, but thanks for the compliment anyway ;-) !
My Alleweder's weight is close to 40 kg and I do not doubt that you are faster, since the total weight of your WAW + the BIONX would still be less then my velomobile. But adding + 8kg to my Alleweder would not be a smart thing, simply because I do not need it.
Reason for this is that I want to keep my velomobile a "pure" velomobile, without any kind of assist. Since speed is less of an issue for me, I do not care how slow I ride uphill, I can do it as slow as I want, because I don't have to bother about balance. I can easily maintain average speeds above 30 km/h on level aereas, so for the time being, I absolutely do not need any assist at all. Hope I can say the same thing in 20 years though ;-) !

At 16/1/06 10:38, Blogger Frederik said...

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