Hybrid velomobile - a formula for success?

What happens when one combines a fast and sporty velomobile like a Waw with the advanced electrical assist/generator like a BionX? Do they reinforce eachothers advantages or their disadvantages? Find out my and others experiences here. If you do not know what a velomobile or an electric assist is, check out the links first. (An electrical assist that helps up to only 25km/h and with power limited to 250W, remains a bicycle by EU law)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

So what happened?

Well the Waw001 hasn't been on the road since late May 2006. I had loaned it to a friend who unfortunately came into a collision with an overtaking motorcycle which he somehow missed when making a left turn. No-one got hurt, but the Waw took some pretty serious damage to the nose and the structure on the left side. It took some time to get the insurance settled, and now with some more delay (busy with other stuff) the Waw will be sent to Belgium for repair. So for some time from now into the future there will be not much news to write about. So till it comes back, that's all for now...


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