Hybrid velomobile - a formula for success?

What happens when one combines a fast and sporty velomobile like a Waw with the advanced electrical assist/generator like a BionX? Do they reinforce eachothers advantages or their disadvantages? Find out my and others experiences here. If you do not know what a velomobile or an electric assist is, check out the links first. (An electrical assist that helps up to only 25km/h and with power limited to 250W, remains a bicycle by EU law)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Green Lightning

Waw001 is back on the road since a few months in a new colour: green. It got its new name from its new owner, our crash test dummy Peter H. ;-)

Since I last wrote on this blog, prices of electrical assist engines have come down dramatically. Contrary to what some people thing, I am NOT an expert in the market, all I did in this blog was to share my experience with one system. I do not know much about other systems and was not very interested either because the BionX was the only system with regeneration. I write was, because Thorsten in Denmark showed me another system from China that also has this feature and also a light Li-ion battery. And it is cheaper. No experience with it yet though. Sorry, I did forget the name of the thing. Maybe someone else who knows what I am talking about can post the name and perhaps tell about their experiences with it. Then I can also show you a picture of the new Green colour (when the light returns here up north)....


At 18/1/08 13:25, Blogger Varis said...

We're waiting on the light here too ;)

One hurdle in the road to electric assist adoption might be maintenance. What if your system breaks? Can you buy the parts/service somewhere, is the brand even in operation any longer and do they service your old model?


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